Updated February 2022 

Over the last 2 years we have introduced a number of measures to protect ourselves and our customers during the pandemic.

Contactless Handover - customers are no longer able to enter the premises so a contactless handover will take place outside on the front door step. Animals should travel in a secure plastic carry case (not fabric) that will be disinfected on arrival. Please only bring essential items such as dry food, litter tray. These items will also be disinfected on arrival. You will be asked to place your pet carrier on the ground and step back. Proof of vaccination will be requested prior to boarding so there is no need to bring your pets vaccination certificate with you on the day. Before we remove your pet and place it in the allocated accommodation your pet will be spritzed with Leucillin spray. This is a pet safe anti bacterial product details can be found in the link below. We kindly ask that customers wear face masks during the handover and that only one member of the household gets out of the car.

The contactless handover procedure will be reversed when you arrive to collect your pet and all your belongings will be disinfected to avoid any cross contamination from our household.

Hygiene - we always follow strict hygiene precautions we use Anigene disinfectant on enclosures and all hard surfaces, we wash and sanitise hands between handling pets and cleaning out. We do not allow customers, friends or family onto the premises and we do not accept pets from Covid positive or isolating households.


Cancellation - If your travel plans are cancelled due to Covid restrictions at short notice we ask that you notify us ASAP so we can either reschedule your dates or arrange to cancel your booking. The booking fee is still non-refundable in these circumstances but may be held on your account or transferred to a later booking at our discretion. 

Emergency Situations - if your household test positive after dropping your pets off we ask that a friend or relative collects them from us on your behalf, or we may be able to arrange drop off if you are in the local area. If you are asked to quarantine or isolate after returning from a foreign holiday we ask that a friend or family member collects your pets from us. If myself or a member of my family test positive we will notify you and/or your emergency contact immediately to arrange a safe and contactless handover. Please ensure your contact details are up to date and that your emergency contacts details are for someone who lives in the local area who is authorised to make decisions on your behalf.

Useful links - 

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